2021                            Healing Figures (2021-current/ongoing)
2020                            If Earth is a Mother (2020), Childers Street, Deptford, London
2019                            Behind Tate Modern, Morphological Activism and Working-Class Single Mothers
                                     (2018-2019) Various locations behind Tate Modern, London
2018                            With My Body, I Heard the Silenced Song of an Unknown Woman | Con il mio corpo, ho sentito la canzone silente di una donna sconosciuta: Vicolo dell’ Amore, Tuscany
                                     Invisible Labour (2017-18): Creekside, London
2017                            Land Operation: Silver Road, London
2015                            La Commercial Woman: Carrer del Rec, Barcelona

Gallery + Museum Exhibitions
2018                             New Model Army: Invisible Labour, APT Gallery, Deptford, London
2016                             “F” is for Fragment: V22, Louise House, London
2012                             New Model Army: Madder 139, London
2009                             For Pretty Things Go Elsewhere: Grey Area Gallery, Brighton

2023                             John Moores Painting Prize 2023: Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
2023                             Poor Things: Fruitmarket, Edinburgh. Curated by Emma Hart and Dean Kenning
2020                             Earth 2020: And Association, Aldgate, London
2019                             Four Corners: Credit Suisse, Canary Wharf, London
2017                             Touchstone: APT Gallery, London
2016                             Reproductive Labour | Parenting Beyond Patriarchy (Part ii): Women’s Art Library,Goldsmiths College, London
2015                             Couldn’t Care Less: A Cross Cultural Live Art Project: Deptford Lounge, London. Curated by Something Human in partnership with Deptford Lounge
2013                             Object Abuse: Spinach Gallery, London
2012                             Jam (1): Gender & Language: The Sugarhouse, Bow Church, London
                                      The Perfect Nude: Wimbledon Space, London. Curated by Dan Coombs and Phillip Allen
2011                             A Piece of Paper: Madder 139, London
                                      Creekside Open 2011: APT Gallery, London. Selected by Phyllida Barlow Model Vs Reality: Fold Gallery, London
2010                             Inspired by Soane: Sir John Soane’s Museum, London
2009                             Gam/Dong/(Feel/Move): Public Art Project, Sabuk-Gohan, South Korea
                                      About Women: CCCB – Centre for Contemporary Culture, Barcelona
2008                             Feminista Mistah: AVA Gallery, East London University, London
                                     Routemaster General: Zabludowicz Collection, London. Curated by Michelle Williams-Gamaker
2006                             Linda Aloysius, Alexis Harding, Warren Neidich: Andrew Mummery Gallery, London
2004                             Flea Market: Temporary Contemporary, London
2003                             Boutique: Two-person site specific project, Deptford X: 118 New Cross Road, London.
                                      Curated by Kirsten Lyle
                                     Made in UK: Arch Gallery, Islington, London
                                      Infallible: APT Gallery, London. Curated by Roxy Walsh.
                                      Touring to
                                      Hatton Gallery, Newcastle (2005)
                                      The Arts Centre, Huddersfield (2004)
                                      Mead Gallery, Coventry (2003)
2002                             Shift: site specific project, 38 Ommaney Road, New Cross, London

Book Chapters
2023                             ‘Linda Aloysius’. In: Miller, K. ‘John Moores Painting Prize 2023’, National Museums, Liverpool, Liverpool, 26-27
‘Linda Aloysius’. In: Hart, E. and Kenning, D. ‘Poor Things’, Edinburgh: Fruitmarket, p.34-37
2020                             ‘New Model Army: Behind Tate Modern: Morphological Activism and Working-Class Single Mothers’. In: Deepwell, K. (ed.). ‘Feminist Activisms and Artivisms’, Netherlands: Valiz, 166-179

Peer-Reviewed Articles
2018                             ‘New Model Army: Invisible Labour (2017-18)’. In: ‘Feminist Review, Issue 120, Currents’, October 2018, 122-129
2016                             ‘Not Fallen but Felled’ (2016). In: ‘Museological Review, Issue 20: The Global Microphone’, April 2016, 63-70

Text Art Reproduced as Book Section
2005                             ‘The Rules of The Shop’. In: Walsh, R. (ed.). Infallible, In Search of the Real George Eliot, Birmingham: ARTicle Press, 8-9


2023                             ‘Poor Things’: Book Launch and Discussion (Armsts’ Round-table), live (online) with recording on Fruitmarket’s Youtube Channel
                            , Fruitmarket Gallery in collaboration with Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh: 12th May 2023.
2023                             ‘Touching Untouchables’, Touch-Space: The Tactile Imagination in Contemporary Art, Henry-Moore Foundation, Leeds, 29th May
2022                             ‘Sculpting as Healing’, Maternal Bodies in the Long Nineteenth Century, The Foundling Museum, London, 19th April
2021                             Research Hub, ACME Studios, Childers Street, London: Artist’s Interview with Elisabeta Ilie, PhD Candidate, Bartlett School of Planning and Urban Design
2020                             SFK International Art Education, Beijing, China
2019                             ‘When Girlhood is Motherhood: The Desiring & Creative Gazes of Working-Class Single Mothers’, Girling Feminism: Towards New Theories of Girlhood, Glasgow University, 7th June
2018                             ‘New Model Army: Invisible Labour’, In Your Own Time: The Production of Body and Time Under Capitalism, MRes Art: Theory and Philosophy, Central Saint Martins, London, 17th May
2018                             Linda Aloysius in Conversation with Dr Alexandra Kokoli, APT Gallery, London
2018                             ‘(Im) Personification in the Making of New Model Army’, Personification Across Disciplines, University of Durham, 17th -18th September
                                      ‘Morphological Activism’, Artivisms and Activisms, Middlesex University, London, 2nd July
2017                            ‘Intimacy and Post-Internet Cities: Art and Women’s Dirty Work in the Digital Age’,Post Internet Cities, MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, Lisbon, 26th May
2017                             APT Gallery, Deptford, London
2016                             Reproductive Labour | Parenting Beyond Patriarchy’. Goldsmiths Graduate Festival, Goldsmiths College, University of London, 9th May
2015                             “F” is for Fragment’, Goldsmiths College Research Symposium ‘Un-themed’, Goldsmiths College, University of London, 23rd-24th November
2015                             ‘Reproductive Labour, Motherhood and Art’, Motherhood, Deptford Lounge, London, 5th November
2015                             ‘We and “We”: A Feminist Analysis of the Economics of Care’. Comparing We’s Community, Cosmopolitanism and Emancipation in a Global Context, Centre for Comparative Studies, Faculty of Letters, Lisbon University, Lisbon, 26th -27th May
2012                             Contemporary Art Society, London
2012                             Slade School of Fine Art, London
2011                             ‘Irigaray’s “To” ‘, First Global Conference: Gender and Love, Mansfield College, University of Oxford, 19th-21st September
2011                             Department of Art and Architecture, K College, University of Greenwich School of Art & Design, Bath Spa University
2010 ‘                            Notes on a Phallus’, Co-convenor and paper presented for: In/Out, Shake It All About: Objects, Artists and Ontology, Goldsmiths College Research Symposium, University of London, 9th-10th May
2008                             AVA Gallery, University of East London
2008                             ‘Criticality’s Crisis of Institutionalisation’, Art Relations – Revisiting Crucial Concepts, Freie University, Berlin, Germany, 30th October – 1st November                                      
                                      ‘The Wilderness Works’, Co-convenor and paper presented for: Gender, Goldsmiths College Research Symposium, University of London, 8th-10th December
                                      ‘Other Artists’, Fine Art Frameworks II: Contemporary Practices, Theories and Curatorial Strategies, Jerwood Space, London, 8th July

Press Mentions + Reviews
2023                             John Moores Painting Prize 2023, Patrick Kirk-Smith, Art In, 12th October 2023
2023                             ‘Poor Things at Fruitmarket’, Hannah Udall, 30th March, 2023
                                      ‘Poor Things’, David MacMillan, The Scotsman, 6th March, 2023
                                      ‘Poor Things Opens at Fruitmarket’ Phyllis Stephens, The Edinburgh Reporter, 7th March 2023
2017                             ‘Linda Aloysius: To Keep Standing’, review of the project Land Operation (2017), authored by Cherry Smyth
2012                             ‘Linda Aloysius: New Model Army’, Featured Exhibitions
                                      ‘A New Approach to Femininity’, Seoul Art Guide: April 2012, review by Yoon Ki Sup
                                      ‘Linda Aloysius: New Model Army’, REVma -/+, interview with Kostas Prapoglous
                                      ‘Linda Aloysius: New Model Army’, Paul’s Art World, authored by Paul Carey-Kent Exhibition Catalogue: Gam / Dong (Feel / Move) Public Art Project
Recent Awards
2021                             Studio Practice Fund Award: Arts Council England Cultural Recovery Fund with DCMS +ACME
2020                             Rent Relief Scheme Award: ACME Studios
2015, 2008                  Research Support Award: Goldsmiths College, University of London

Formal Education
2006 – 18                       PhD Art (practice led): Goldsmiths College, University of London (part-time whilst in paid employment)
2001 – 03                       MFA Fine Art: Distinction: Goldsmiths College, University of London (part-time whilst in paid employment)
1992 – 95                       BA Fine Art (hons): First Class: Manchester Metropolitan University