Conference Paper:

‘Touching Untouchables’

Touch-Space: The Tactile Imagination in Contemporary Sculpture, Henry Moore Foundation, Leeds

29th March 2023

Henry Moore Foundation

Group Exhibition:

‘Poor Things’

Fruitmarket, Edinburgh

With: Eric Bainbridge, Jonathan Baldock, Simeon Barclay, Joseph Buckley, Beagles & Ramsay, Chila Burman, Andrew Cooper, Jamie Cooper, Penny Goring, Brian Griffiths, Emma Hart, Lee Holden, Josie KO, Dean Kenning, Rosie McGinn, Rebecca Moss, Janette Parris, Anne Ryan, Aled Simons, Laura Yuile.
Curated by Emma Hart and Dean Kenning
4th March 2023 – 28th May 2023

Conference Paper:

‘Sculpting as Healing’

Maternal Bodies in the Long Nineteenth Century, The Foundling Museum, London

 19th April 2022

The Foundling Museum

Group Exhibition:

Earth 20: AND Association, Aldgate, London

21st May 2020

AND Association

Book Chapter:

 ‘New Model Army: Behind Tate Modern: Morphological Activism and Working-Class Single Mothers’. In: Deepwell, K. (ed.). ‘Feminist Activisms and Artivisms’, Netherlands: Valiz, 166-179


Guest Speaker

‘Girling Feminism: Towards a Feminist Theory of Girlhood’ Glasgow University
(Organised by Girlhood Gang)

14th May, 2019

Paper: When Girlhood is Motherhood: Towards New Looking and Being:The Desiring and Creative Gazes of Working Class Single Mothers


New Model Army: Invisible Labour (2017-18)

Feminist Review

Currents: 120
November, 2018