Conference Paper:

‘Sculpting as Healing’

Maternal Bodies in the Long Nineteenth Century, The Foundling Museum, London

The Foundling Museum

 19th April 2022

Group Exhibition:

Earth 20: AND Association, Aldgate, London

21st May 2020

AND Association

Book Chapter:

 ‘New Model Army: Behind Tate Modern: Morphological Activism and Working-Class Single Mothers’. In: Deepwell, K. (ed.). ‘Feminist Activisms and Artivisms’, Netherlands: Valiz, 166-179


Guest Speaker

‘Girling Feminism: Towards a Feminist Theory of Girlhood’ Glasgow University
(Organised by Girlhood Gang)

14th May, 2019

Paper: When Girlhood is Motherhood: Towards New Looking and Being:The Desiring and Creative Gazes of Working Class Single Mothers


New Model Army: Invisible Labour (2017-18)

Feminist Review

Currents: 120
November, 2018