Tongued: 2022


Scatty: 2021

Teen: 2019

Feathered: 2018

Looker: 2018

Dreaded: 2017

Veiled: 2016

Carrier: 2012

Bird: 2011

Nailed: 2011

Strapped: 2022

Strummed: 2021

Straight: 2019

Chorded: 2018

Stalk: 2018

Fresh: 2017

Perforated: 2015

Torn: 2012

Stripped: 2011

Curtains: 2011


Scrambler: 2022


Sweeper 2021

Strange: 2019

Open: 2018

Walker: 2018

Honey: 2017

“F”: 2014

Blue: 2012

Strident: 2011

Cupboard: 2011

Cowed: 2022

Healer: 2020

Groovy: 2019

Purposed: 2018

Dark: 2018

Cornered: 2016

“Cut”: 2013

Painted Lady: 2012

Crowned: 2011

Green: 2022

Cagey: 2020

Blossom: 2018

Light: 2018

Tanned: 2017

Bowed: 2016

Angel: 2012

Bag: 2011

Nude Descending a Staircase: 2011

Notes on New Model Army

The New Model Army is my ongoing figurative sculptural series which I began making in 2011, during my doctoral studies at Goldsmiths College.

The sculptures are made from objects and materials discarded in urban streets, and which may seem, therefore, as unwanted and value-less.

I take these materials to my studio and care for them. This includes when this seems impossible – that is, when the materials seem dead or beyond resuscitation.

Some materials need rest, sometimes for a long time, before I can work with them. Others surprise me by being ready for action.

When making the sculptures, I use barely any tools and only a minimal amount of new materials bought from DIY and haberdashery stores.

I work with these materials to make figurative sculptures that are upright and able to withstand being moved. When they are ready, I take them outside to photograph and film them individually and / or in groups, in urban sites that I have pre-selected.

Collectively, I refer to these site-sensitive projects as Fieldworks.