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Behind Tate Modern: Morphological Activism and Working-Class Single Mothers (2018-19): Various locations behind Tate Modern, London, 2019

Given the fact that almost one quarter of UK mothers are single mothers, 1 I find it acutely painful that the negative effects of the historical pathologizing of working-class single mothers as artists and as subjects for art is widespread in art institutions, and especially in museums and art schools in this country. Art institutions have yet to acknowledge the complexity of the greater structures of inequality, social injustice and poverty underpinning the longevity and scope of the exclusion of working-class single mothers. Through my Fieldworks-as trans-site and trans-disciplinary projects of sculpture, photography and writing 2 – I reflect on the representation of women’s experiences of inequality. This has brought the realisation that there are son1e things that I have to voice more publicly and more pointedly with regard to working-class single mothers and their creativity:


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